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About Me

Julio FerrerName: Julio Ferrer Mariné
Age: 76
I am born 1944, in Madrid, a destroyed city after the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). I was unhappy with the fascist regime of General Franco and finally, forced to take the way of the Exile.
Parallel with political activities and ethnological studies I visited several countries and establish me definitely in Haninge, near to Stockholm, in Sweden 1969. I never regretted this decision.
The present production of paintings and drawnings represents nearly 50 years of work.
I thing painting and drawing is a matter of reflection.
To do something pleasant do you need some ideas.
I Think the most important is to go to Nature and study natural forms, landscape, vegetal and animal observations, including Human beings.
The second important thing is to study artistic manifestations, genuine art from all times to understand civilisation and make self something of interest.
The third think is the practical work, because Art, as I understand it, is not so much a question of inspiration, as a lot of transpiration.
I am deeply indebted to all my sources: from Stone Ages I learn respect for the natural world. From Antiquity: the brutal roots of the Human nature. From the Dark Ages of the Medieval time the great danger of ignorance combined with fanatic religiosity. From the Baroque I have learned the importance of humour and the relative beauty of ugliness. From the French Revolution I support the right to revolt and the necessity of Independence, the struggle against oppressors and the danger of Anarchy in absence of Reason. From the XIX Century the menace of the Industrial revolution. From our own time the dream of am impossible Utopy, and the nightmare of a true Distopy, resulting in the destruction of the primordial forests and natural environments.
When two thirds of my life are going I am afraid to be a problem without solution and lose my physical capacity to go to work when I wish, working as long I need, which is an essential thing for me.